History is in the Air in Washington, DC

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Planning a visit to our Nation’s capital is an adventure you’ll appreciate if history is something that you enjoy. Not only is the White House, home of the President of the United States of America, sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there’s a plethora of other landmarks and attractions that detail lessons that you’ll take great interest in learning.

When you’ve arranged your DC tour bus and gathered the group to depart, be sure you’ve planned an itinerary worth enjoying. Some of the best D.C. attractions to include on your agenda include:

·    Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial: This statue honors our late, great Civil Rights leader, his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, and his many other contributions to society. The white stone is a miraculous sight to experience.

DC tour bus

·    Smithsonian Museum: The Smithsonian Museum is actually a series of 19 different museums, each offering its own distinguishing genres and inclusions that you will appreciate, whether you are a cultural buff or want to know more about war.

·    The National Archives: The National Archives is a stop that simply must be included on your agenda. The National Archives holds many documents of importance and those that aren’t quite so significant. The Declaration of Independence of one of the most important displays found at the Archives center.

·    Washington Monument: Spanning 167-meters in height, this is the tallest building in D.C. and no building can be built higher. The Monument sits amidst the National Mall.

Don’t miss your historical adventures in D.C. and rent a tour bus so you can be on the way. There are many more stops that you will want to include on the agenda when touring D.C. but these are the most popular of them all. Are you ready to learn the brilliant history of Washington, D.C. firsthand?

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